Stop the War: Stop St Athan

Permanent Revolution’s resolution on St Athan was overwhelmingly carried at the Stop the War conference on Saturday 27 October. Now we must make sure that this is no paper victory, and that the Stop the War committee start pouring real forces into the campaign to stop the murder academy.

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2 Responses to Stop the War: Stop St Athan

  1. Thank you for your support – Great news and I hope we can get more support now in Cardiff. Tomorrow we should be talking cluster bombs and Raytheon role in that and the deaths and injury to civilians and children in Iraq, Lebanon…
    Please check out the website and the other links more latest information and don’t forget to sign the epetition. If you would like to enbed the petition on yur website I can send you the info if you email me
    New website about politicans and what they have to say on St Athan

  2. Paul Bemrose says:

    You can help in the campaign that PCS is conducting against the Defence Training Review (which includes the St Athan Academy) by signing the petition below:

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Initiate an independent investigation into the awarding of the Defence Training contract to MetriX and the potential conflict of interest with the involvement of QinetiQ. In particular the decision to remove all defence training from Cosford thus removing all historic links and asociation with the Royal Air Force going back over 60 years. We would urge you to reconsider the rationale for the privatisation of 3,400 dedicated civil servants as part of this programme

    You can sign it at:

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