No2StAthans campaign meets this Sunday

The next meeting of the No2StAthans campaign is this Sunday (18 Nov), 2pm, Temple of Peace, Cardiff. Now that Permanent Revolution have won the support of the Stop the War Coalition to the campaign, including a commitment to a UK national demo against the murder academy, this will be an important meeting for planning the route ahead.

The meeting comes hot on the heels of increasing controversy in the media and a potential split in the ranks of Plaid Cymru as Jill Evans MEP voices her opposition to St Athan – even if this is only in the form of a leaked discussion document for the party’s national council. If, as seems grimly predictable, Plaid continue to support the project, Jill should do the only thing possible given the magnitude of the issue – resign from the party. Never before has the stark contrast between the left posturing of Plaid and its pro-imperialist reality been so apparent. All socialists should reject the dead-end of class collaboration represented by the so-called ‘party of Wales’.

Speaking of class collaboration, the response of Labour MPs to Jill Evans’ comments has verged on the sinister: John Smith, desperate to hang on to his Vale of Glamorgan marginal, has said that the Plaid MEP should be ‘stopped’ from making her ‘dangerous and irresponsible’ comments. ‘Dangerous and irresponsible’? Have Jill Evans’ comments killed tens of thousands of civilians? Have they resulted in malformed newborn babies? Have they released more radioactivity into the atmosphere than Hiroshima? Or has John Smith confused Jill Evans’ comments with the record of the mass murderers lining up to line up their pockets on another century of war and environmental devastation?

Smith doesn’t make it clear exactly how Jill Evans should be ‘stopped’. By the police, maybe, under anti-Terrorism legislation? By the anti-personnel weapons produced by Raytheon, would-be St Athans profiteers? Either way, it is an interesting insight into the paranoid minds of our governing party.

There are those who console themselves that there is a ‘real’ Labour party of genuine socialists lurking behind the trigger-happy neo-liberals who currently control the party: characters like renowned leftist and Newport West MP Paul Flynn for example. Here are his comments on Jill Evans:

“Attacking the £16,billion, 6,000 job St Athan Military Academy is a very bad politics that will wound her party.”

Paul’s even upped the stakes by adding a thousand onto the already fictitious 5,000 constantly banded around by the deathschool’s supporters. Still, if you’re going to tell a big lie, why not make it a bigger one?

Let’s make it a strong turn-out for this weekend’s meeting. We’ll see who’s going to be stopped.

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