Permanent Revolution 7 out now

Over the past year and a half, PR’s magazine has gained a reputation for sober and thorough analysis unmatched on the left. The new issue is out now. Contents include:


Fighting for abortion rights / Royal Mail set for sell out / Defend Karen Reissmann / Schools: for teaching not preaching / France: first round for Sarkozy / Chavez coalition fractures / Bolivia: showdown in Sucre / Australia says goodbye to Howard

Major articles:

Climate change / A question of power
World leaders have finally woken up to the problem of global warming. But how do we ensure that the poorest aren’t made to pay for the solutions? Helen Ward argues that radical environmentalists and even sections of the left want to avoid having to tackle capitalism, the real cause of the problem.

Imperialism / Britain’s place in the world

Not such a toothless bulldog anymore, Britain is now the world’s pre-eminent centre of financial capital. Keith Harvey explains how, more than any other imperialist economy, Britain has benefited from two decades of globalisation and ten years of Labour.

Respect/ Another dead end
Respect lies in two halves and even Humpty Dumpty can’t piece it together again. Mark Hoskisson takes issue with the whole “broad party” approach and explains why Leninist organisation doesn’t have to be as nasty as you think.

Venezuela / A party in the making
Millions have signed up to Hugo Chavez’s PSUV. But is this just a bureaucratic, government organised party or does it offer the opportunity to fight to win the workers to a socialist revolution. Wladek Flakin and Stuart King debate.

Women/ Liberation curtailed?
Lindsey German’s new book Material Girls – Women, Men and Work sets out to water down the politics of women’s liberation to appeal to the broad church of Respect. The result, argues Allison Higgins, is not a pretty sight.


The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein / The Corporate Takeover of Ireland by Kieran Allen / Where Now for Palestine? The demise of the Two State Solution, edited by Jamil Hilal / Iran – A People Interrupted by Hamid Dabashi / Refugees in a Global Era by Philip Marfleet / Women in film – Loach, Winterbottom and Jordan / Sicko – Michael Moore

PR is available by post – see details on the right – or from Cardiff PR members, seen at every left event that matters! Or email us at to reserve a copy.

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