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Police crack down hard as St Athan demo finally awakens mass media

Protesters were banned from marching through Cardiff city centre today as police invoked the public order act to minimise the visibility of the demonstration against the St Athan military academy. Clearly acting on orders from high up the political food … Continue reading

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Raytheon 9 activist to speak at anti-St Athan rally

With reports suggesting this Saturday’s anti-St Athan march will be larger than expected, an activist from the Derry-based Raytheon 9 campaign is due to speak at the closing rally. The Raytheon 9 are currently facing trial following their excursion into … Continue reading

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Lecturers’ strike – eye-witness account

Pauline Atienza of Cardiff PR, secretary of Wales UCU FE section, sent the following report from today’s action: “I have just returned from a very successful lobby at the Senedd. About 250 lecturers from colleges across Wales were at the … Continue reading

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Wales FE lecturers strike over pay betrayal

Lecturers in every Welsh FE college will strike for one day on Wednesday April 16. The dispute has been called by the lecturers’ union UCU following the failure of last ditch talks at which the college employers’ organisation, fforwm, would … Continue reading

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As demo day approaches, let’s get the St Athan arguments right!

While the campaign against the privatised military academy at St Athan has been steadily growing, it has yet to register on the radar of the mass media. That will hopefully change after the demo in Cardiff on April 26th, which … Continue reading

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