Raytheon 9 activist to speak at anti-St Athan rally

With reports suggesting this Saturday’s anti-St Athan march will be larger than expected, an activist from the Derry-based Raytheon 9 campaign is due to speak at the closing rally. The Raytheon 9 are currently facing trial following their excursion into Raytheon’s offices in Derry in protest against the arms giant’s involvement in multiple atrocities.

Raytheon, for those still unaware, are part of the Metrix consortium who will build and run the military academy at St Athan through the glorified HP agreement known as PFI, for which we will all eventually pay.

Other speakers include Jill Evans MEP, the only professional politician in Wales to oppose the project, despite being left to hang by her party, Plaid Cymru, who at the first test of office have sacrificed any credibility as a left alternative; even the most left wing of its elected members, Adam Price MP and Leanne Wood AM, have baulked at opposing a scheme which they suppose to be a vote-winner.

Anti-St Athan campaigners on the ground are reporting that this in any case may be an illusion. The groundswell of opposition to the giant academy extends well beyond pacifist, socialist and anarchist groups, particularly in the local areas most affected by the expected influx of squaddies from half the world’s armies.

That opposition will surely grow once the strength of feeling against St Athan makes itself felt this Saturday. The demonstration will be hard to ignore – even by the post-Hutton BBC with its paranoia at being seen as anti-war and its comfortable business relationship with Land Services Trillium, the property outsourcing group who are building its new centres and who also happen to be fully paid-up partners in the Metrix consortium.

Volunteers are still needed for various tasks on the day. If you can help out, email us.

An updated leaflet advertising the next campaign meeting on 29 April can be downloaded from our resources page.

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