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Three arrested in Cardiff as Prosor creeps in through the back entrance

There was a distinct whiff of occupied Palestine in Cardiff Bay today as police declared an exclusion zone around the back entrance to the Senedd – then dealt violently with activists who entered it. The occasion was the visit of … Continue reading

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Israel’s ambassador not welcome here!

From Cardiff Stop the War Coalition: The Israeli Ambassador will be guest at the Assembly as part of a visit to Wales to build support for the Israeli State. This is the same ambassador who recently castigated British trade unionists, … Continue reading

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Raytheon 9 acquitted – now kick Raytheon out of Wales!

In a landmark judgment for the anti-war movement, a Belfast jury has acquitted the Raytheon 9 of all charges relating to their intrusion into Raytheon’s Derry offices and destruction of computer equipment. Colm Bryce of the campaign said the following: … Continue reading

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Cardiff gets harried – now let’s harry Bush

It’s been a busy year for Henry Charles Albert David Schleswig- Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg. Firmly ensconced as British imperialism’s favourite poster-boy, ‘Prince Harry’ has been shunted around the world in search of photo-opportunities and this week wound up in Cardiff, capital city … Continue reading

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Socialist forum launched in Cardiff

The Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum got off to a promising start yesterday as a range of activists from Cardiff and Newport discussed the many initiatives to create a left of Labour party over the past fifteen years. During a difficult … Continue reading

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McDonnell’s manifesto – not the call to arms we need

The local elections have left Gordon Brown and the Labour government in a very weak position. Brown himself is deeply unpopular. The Tories, thanks to years of New Labour betrayal, are once again a viable electoral alternative. Here in the … Continue reading

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