Israel’s ambassador not welcome here!

From Cardiff Stop the War Coalition:

The Israeli Ambassador will be guest at the Assembly as part of a visit to Wales to build support for the Israeli State. This is the same ambassador who recently castigated British trade unionists, academics and activists for their support for the Palestinians under siege in Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel has got a justifiably bad press for its denial of basic human rights for Palestinians; the Apartheid Wall, the road blocks and checkpoints which strangle the Occupied Territories, the constant bombing of Gaza and the rising death toll from war, malnutrition and Israel’s blockade of medical supplies, fuel and food.

Far from being about peace or dialogue, the ambassador, Ron Prosor has made clear his aim is to be a PR man for the state of Israel to undermine the efforts to build a just solution by muddying the waters on what the real situation in the Middle East is.

Therefore we urge everyone who supports peace, justice and equality to attend this protest to send a message to the Ambassador, the state he represents, and his friends in the National Assembly of Wales:

End the Occupation and Set Palestine Free!

Demonstrate – Tuesday 24th June at 5 pm at the Assembly.

Please note: The PR above refers to public relations! For a series of Permanent Revolution articles on the Palestine conflict, and online copy of our Palestine pamphlet, see our newly refurbished main site here.

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