Halloween anti-bank protest attracts the FIT

“Bail out people not banks” was the message of last night’s halloween protest called by the SWP in support of their latest initiative, the People Before Profit charter.

Though the protest was small and peaceful, it had attracted the attention of the FIT (forward intelligence team) and was heavily policed. As is now the norm with city centre protests, all participants were photographed while random officers attempted to engage protesters in friendly chats in search of further information.

The aim of the protest was to draw attention to the fact that the government is nationalising banks in order to protect them, but doing nothing to protect home-owners threatened with repossessions or others suffering the effects of the credit crunch.

Next week’s socialist forum analysing the credit crunch attracted plenty of positive interest amongst demonstrators. The forum aims to arm activists with an understanding of the situation we find ourselves in, so as to identify where struggle might erupt and intervene with maximum unity. CRSF has promised to bring the best speakers to Cardiff for this purpose; we encourage everyone interested in learning more about the credit crunch and its implications to come and talk with Keith Harvey on Tuesday evening in the Bute Building.

"Ghosts and ghouls exorcise banks"

The People before Profit charter is one of several being proposed in response to the economic crisis. See comments page for further examples.

Check out the Convention of the Left’s Northern Rock leaflet here.

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2 Responses to Halloween anti-bank protest attracts the FIT

  1. Jonny says:

    I particularly liked explaining to people who thought the police were very friendly that they wouldn’t hesitate to bash our heads in with heavy sticks should the opportunity arise.

    It was good to see a lot of new people at the protest and brilliant that the banks in the area were actually closed down at 4pm because they knew we were coming.

  2. Frank says:

    The FIT also appear to have been involved in at least one arrest, judging by the last photo at http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/11/412067.html

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