Class struggle not stopping for Christmas this year

cl2With more redundancies announced daily in South Wales, a major climate event, the UK national HOPI conference and the introduction of ID cards for foreign students, political struggle isn’t stopping to please the Christmas retailers this year. Following the Dec 6 National Climate march in London, CRSF have invited the chair of the climate change trade union action group to address the next forum on Dec 10. Sian Jones will be stressing the vital necessity of involving the labour movement in climate action: we invite all trade unionists concerned with the environment to hear how union branches are being drawn into the struggle. The meeting will be held in the Bute Building, King Edward VII Ave, Room 0.05 from 7pm (note time change) to 9pm.

Towards the end of the meeting there will also be the opportunity for a discussion on the wave of redundancies in South Wales and the response of socialists and class struggle anarchists to this: what should we be calling for and how can we maximise left unity in the process?

October’s forum discussed Iran and the need both to oppose imperialist intervention and fight for solidarity with Iranian workers and socialist intellectuals against the right-wing regime there. On Dec 13 the annual conference of Hands off the People of Iran takes place: those who came to our meeting and others sympathising with HOPI’s aims are encouraged to get in touch with us so we can arrange transport.

No Borders South Wales have been campaigning against the introduction of ID cards for foreign students. This is the thin end of the wedge which will lead to all of us carrying a card and being logged onto a national database. The next protest is at noon on Dec 10 outside the Border Agency on Newport Rd, Cardiff – more details on the No Borders website.

Amongst the many redundancies being announced in South Wales, the threatened closure of Hoover’s plant in Merthyr is of special significance and has led to widespread anger. A facebook group set up against the closure gained 2000 members in a week; a public meeting and march are now planned – more details to follow. See comment page for articles on this.

The coach for the 6 Dec climate march stops at CARDIFF MUSEUM 8am and NEWPORT BUS STATION 8.30am (Tickets £18 waged / £10 concession). To book a seat/enquiries email here.

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