Unfinished business for 2009

st-ath-leaf-frontThe campaign against the proposed death academy at St Athan meets on January 3rd with the project even further on the rocks now that Land Services Trillium has abandoned the Metrix Consortium. In the light of mass redundancies in Souith Wales and the government’s refusal to bail out workers the way they have bailed out their banking friends, the fact that £11bn of public money is earmarked for funding a project which will only benefit war profiteers is an insult to every Welsh worker. It’s surely time to breathe new life into the campaign against the academy and to put this scandal back on the front pages.

Residents of south Cardiff are already subjected to the second highest levels of dioxins in Wales thanks to steel production at East Moors. Now a massive incinerator is planned for Tremorfa in the service of waste profiteers. Local residents and environmental activists have other ideas. Even if planning permission is granted for the scheme, the fight to stop it will continue into 2009.

Also upcoming in the new year, the Convention of the Left has its recall conference in Manchester on Jan 24th. The COTL is a genuinely non-sectarian initiative to address the problems of the left but also the opportunities, and to take steps towards principled unity.

The Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum is also part of this process and will announce a new programme of events in the new year to which all socialists and class struggle anarchists are invited. Compliments of the season and let’s come out fighting in 2009!

Dec 28 update:
There will be a protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza on Dec 30, 12 noon, and New Years Eve, 5-6pm, both at Nye Bevan.
Protesters are occupying the roof of Metrix partners Raytheon in Bristol. Details here.

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One Response to Unfinished business for 2009

  1. rob says:

    And there’s a demo against the Israeli attacks in Swansea on Saturday 3rd at 1pm Castle Square.

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