Gaza: South Wales shows its anger

gaza_protest_cardiff_2Saturday 17th January witnessed demos for Gaza in Newport, Cardiff and Swansea, each of them several hundred strong, vocal and determined. In Cardiff a spontaneous march down Queen Street left shoppers in no doubt about the anger protesters felt at the brutal onslaught of the IDF on Gaza. Despite the pro-Israeli bias in much of the mass media, including the continual repetition of the lie that Hamas broke the ceasefire, there are no shortage of people who understand exactly what the Palestine conflict is all about: Zionism – a racist ideology which justifies each and every effort to ensure that the Palestinians cannot create a stable state of their own, leave alone return to their original homeland.

There are differences on the left regarding Palestine, most notably over the question of whether there should be a one-state or two-state solution to the continuing crisis. However, the weekend’s demos were notable for their spirit of unity.

This site is dedicated to bringing about the greatest possible unity on the left, not through ignoring our differences, but through debating them in an open and comradely fashion. With Palestine very much on everybody’s minds, the next meeting of the socialist forum will look at the national question: how should socialists relate to struggles of national liberation? Is there a parallel between the struggle of the Palestinians for self-determination and the struggle of Welsh nationalists for devolution?

The forum will meet on Weds 11 Feb, 7.30, at the Model Inn, Quay St – all welcome.

Other upcoming events include:
Wednesday 21 January – Lobby & Demonstration in advance of Welsh Assembly debate on Gaza. Assemble 1 pm, Senedd.
Thursday 22 January – Stop the War Activist Meeting. Come & Get involved! 7.30 pm, Cathays Community Centre, Cathays, Cardiff.
Saturday 24 January – National Demo for Gaza. Coaches from Cardiff/Newport.
Wednesday 4 February – Guantanamo Bay Conference, 7 pm, Great Hall, Cardiff Student Union.

Thanks to BEPJ for photo.

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