The National Question

natquestionfinal180Last week’s socialist forum, which had been planned in the wake of the Gaza invasion, also found much to discuss about the so-called ‘British jobs for British workers’ protest at the Lindsey oil refinery. Though the oft-quoted slogan was undoubtedly reactionary and the eventual settlement – quotas for British workers – an encouragement for national chauvinists, the actions of Total were first and foremost an attack on trade unionism, and the responses of workers were in many ways a model of what is needed to challenge this. The forum discussion was informed by the report by Professor Gregor Gall which can be found here on the Forum page.

The forum also found time for a discussion of the Welsh national question. For socialists the vital question is whether the fight for national sovereignity can promote or derail the struggle for workers’ unity and socialism. A fuller discussion of this issue will follow.

Further meetings of CRSF will be advertised shortly: with the upsurge in class struggle and reinvigoration of the anti-war movement, the need for programmatic clarity is greater than ever.

A report of a public meeting featuring activists from the Lindsey protest can be found here.

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