Splott incinerator: protest now!

ellistown-batttleflat-incinerator-action-groupPress release from Cardiff FOE:

Members of Cardiff Friends of the Earth are inviting people to join them and other local residents in a demonstration outside Cardiff City Hall at 1.30 pm on Wednesday (11 March), as the council’s planning committee rules on proposals for a large waste incinerator in the city.

There has been fierce opposition to the planning application from Viridor waste management for a 350,000 tonne per year waste incinerator to be situated in Trident Park, near Splott. Cardiff Friends of the Earth has handed in objections from over 300 people and many others have also expressed their opposition.

The group has objected to the proposal on the grounds that the incinerator would burn waste which should be recycled or composted. They argue that incineration is not an efficient way of generating energy and that pollution from the site could be harmful to the health of local residents and could pollute important wildlife sites.

The objection says that household waste should be dealt with as near to where it was produced as possible, whereas an incinerator would take waste from across south east Wales, possibly much further.

Phil Ward, Waste Campaigner for Cardiff Friends of the Earth will be speaking on behalf of the group at the council meeting. He commented:

“The people of Cardiff do not want a massive incinerator at the heart of the city burning waste from across south Wales. We should all be taking radical steps to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Then we need to be recycling and composting all we can.

“Incineration is not a ‘green’ technology and there is no sense in driving huge amounts of waste around the country increasing congestion and pollution. Other, less damaging and more sustainable, technologies are available that could be implemented in each local area.

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One Response to Splott incinerator: protest now!

  1. Derek Wall says:

    good work comrades…incinerators are bad news!

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