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Visteon: the fight goes on

Below is an interview with Piers Hood, Deputy Convenor at the Enfield Visteon plant, where workers continue to fight against their arbitrary dismissal. How did your occupation begin? It began with all the workers, approximately a 100 strong meeting at … Continue reading

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Protest against Splott incinerator Weds 15 April

From Cardiff FOE: Stop the Cardiff Incinerator On Wednesday 15 April, Cardiff councillors are planning to decide whether or not a massive incinerator can be built between Splott and Cardiff Bay. If they say yes, it will burn waste from … Continue reading

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Press release from G20 witnesses to Ian Tomlinson death

The following statement has been made from witnesses to the death of Ian Tomlinson: Various participants in the City of London demonstrations on April 1st have come forward as witnesses to the collapse of a man later identified by authorities … Continue reading

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Death at G20 protest

The following eyewitness account is taken from the ‘Infantile and Disorderly’ blog: Today’s demonstration outside the bank of England was directionless and leaderless, but otherwise vibrant. It was also marred by severe police brutality, certainly the worst protesters have experienced … Continue reading

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