Vestas speaker in Cardiff

vestas-sit-in-sixThe occupation of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight may have come to an end, but it remains an inspiration. Faced with redundancy, a group of workers with no experience of industrial action took matters into their own hands, got unionised, and put their struggle in the spotlight around the world.

The issues the Vestas workers raised were crucial. Governments talk about green energy, but what is the use of this if workers trained to produce the means of green energy can be summarily junked by profit-seeking companies?

Vestas workers had their own solution to the problem: if government can spend billions of our money to bail out banks, then government can take a company like Vestas into public ownership and use its products for the benefit of all.

Vestas workers are now taking the campaign across the country and this Wednesday one will be speaking at a meeting in Cardiff. This event is surely a must for all those concerned about the environment, workers’ rights and the need for a planned and publicly controlled energy policy.

Brunel St, Riverside at 7.30pm. Brunel St is off Ninian Park Rd, about half a mile from Central Station.

Exhaustive reports, podcasts and videos of the dispute can be found here.

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