Racists at Cardiff UKBA – demonstrate this Friday (26th Feb)

The 2008 case of Ama Sumani, snatched from hospital in Cardiff and deported to Ghana where she subsequently died of myeloma, brought widespread attention to the barbarous practices of the UK Border Agency in Wales. It came as no surprise, then, when a temporary worker at the agency, Louise Perrett, revealed a sickening culture of racism at UKBA’s centre on Newport Rd, Cardiff (see Guardian article).

It is time to let the cynical government stooges at UKBA know what we think of them. This Friday, 26th Feb (1-3pm) there will be a demo at 31-33 Newport Rd, called by Refugee Voice Wales and supported by a range of anti-racist groups and individuals.

The demo will demand:
a) all cases dealt by unscrupulous officers be reviewed
b) immediate suspension of all removals / deportations
c) the suspension of all corrupt staff and their supervisors
d) an instant independent overhaul of the whole system at Cardiff UKBA
e) an independent inquiry into all UKBA offices to uphold the Refugee Convention

Refugee Voice Wales asks all concerned people to spread the word and wear black gloves on the day for the freedom salute; the practices of the UKBA make a mockery of the inclusion and integration policies supposedly championed by the the Welsh Assembly.

Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum, in association with South Wales No Borders, discussed the wider issues behind immigration controls here.

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