Israeli ambassador not wanted in Cardiff 14th April!

Ron Prosor, ambassador and arch-apologist for the crimes of the Israeli state, has been invited to take part in a ‘debate’ by Cardiff University Debating Society next Wednesday – no such invitation has been extended to any representative of the Palestinian people.

Prosor has visited Cardiff before, at the invitation of Plaid AM Mohammed Asghar. The report of the demo against this visit, and the arrest of protesters, can be found here. Since this visit Israel has provocatively stepped up its programme of illegal settlements, and Mohammed Asghar has joined the Tories.

Cardiff University Debating Society have indefensibly presented a PR opportunity to an unapologetic defender of a racist regime. We cannot allow this to pass without protest. Demonstrate from 5.30 pm, Wednesday 14 April, outside Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place.

To join the facebook group against the event, and for more arguments on the Palestinian issue, go here.

A detailed analysis of the conflict can also be found here.

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2 Responses to Israeli ambassador not wanted in Cardiff 14th April!

  1. Farid says:

    He is a good man and is very welcome to Cardiff.

    Cardiff is a lovely place with lovely people, I hope he enjoys it.

  2. arkb says:


    I believe the protests are a comment on the current Israeli regime that Mr Prosor officially represents, not on the man himself.

    Mr Prosor being invited for an unopposed debate reflects the huge public forum that pro-Zionist voices are given to spread their propaganda in the UK… offering ‘smoke and mirrors’ defences of the Israeli goverment (inevitably ‘someone else’ is to blame) whilst it ramps up its rights abuses against Palestinians.

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