All out to stop EDL racists, June 5!

From Cardiff STW:

On Saturday 5th June, the Welsh & English Defence Leagues – a band of racist thugs and hooligans with links to the Nazi BNP – will be attempting to stage an anti-Muslim hate protest in Cardiff. When they attempted to protest in Swansea last year hundreds of anti-racists – who outnumbered them to 5 to 1 – prevented them entering Castle Square and they were reduced to making Nazi sieg heil salutes behind lines of riot police in the gutter where they belonged (see report).

Details of anti-racist/anti-fascist counter-demonstration:

ASSEMBLES: 11 am, Oval Basin/Roald Dahl Plass (Outside WALES MILLENIUM CENTRE), Butetown/Cardiff Bay to march to rally at 1 pm CITY HALL where many more will be gathering.

Called by Unite against Fascism (Cardiff Branch & Wales region), supporters of this demonstration include Stop the War Coalition in Wales & Wales regions of Unite, PCS, CWU, NASUWT, Community and RMT trade unions + over 30 local community groups.

Event page here:


On the same day as this march in Cardiff, Stop the War Coalition is hosting a major conference to launch a national initiative against Islamophobia. We hope to roll out a similar initiative in Wales.

More details here:;

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