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Fabian Hamilton plays his part in the Chicken Coup

When the Chicken Coup plotters sat down to plan the spontaneous resignation of MPs, they made sure to keep one back for the fourth of July. Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance before the select committee on anti-semitism simply had to provoke the … Continue reading

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16 May Cardiff Anti-Cuts Demo Shows Fight is Far From Over

The second post-election demo called by Cardiff People’s Assembly showed the depth of anger prompted by the Tory election victory – a victory that should not disguise the wholesale rejection of austerity politics by vast swathes of urban England, Wales … Continue reading

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Liverpool TUC’s statement on day of Thatcher’s funeral

Margaret Thatcher died on 8 April 2013 and the vast majority of ordinary people greeted her passing with undisguised joy. The right wing media have tried to portray this response as the disrespectful behaviour of a minority. It isn’t. It … Continue reading

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Thatcher not quite dead: her legacy on the left

Commentaries on Margaret Thatcher’s death commonly claim that she polarised the UK. This ignores the fact that the UK was always polarised. It’s called class society. When the economy is in good shape the ruling class grant concessions to the … Continue reading

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Egypt solidarity demo this Friday

Cardiff Stop the War Coalition has called a demo in solidarity with the Egyptian uprising this Friday, 4 Feb, from 5.30pm at Nye Bevan statue, Queen St: bring placards, flags, banners, drums etc. Frontline info on Egypt can be found … Continue reading

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Statement from Cardiff Anarchists on police spy “Mark Jacobs”

“Mark Jacobs”, generally known as “Marco” has been identified as a police informer. “Marco” worked with Cardiff anarchists but was also known to the socialists active around the Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum: he attended forum events and meetings organising the … Continue reading

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Students: all out November 24th!

Spread the word Use email, facebook, texts, phone calls to advertise the time AND PLACE of your protest. But it may be wise to set up an anonymous email address and facebook profile so you don’t end up getting personally … Continue reading

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