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Egypt solidarity demo this Friday

Cardiff Stop the War Coalition has called a demo in solidarity with the Egyptian uprising this Friday, 4 Feb, from 5.30pm at Nye Bevan statue, Queen St: bring placards, flags, banners, drums etc. Frontline info on Egypt can be found … Continue reading

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Statement from Cardiff Anarchists on police spy “Mark Jacobs”

“Mark Jacobs”, generally known as “Marco” has been identified as a police informer. “Marco” worked with Cardiff anarchists but was also known to the socialists active around the Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum: he attended forum events and meetings organising the … Continue reading

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Israeli ambassador not wanted in Cardiff 14th April!

Ron Prosor, ambassador and arch-apologist for the crimes of the Israeli state, has been invited to take part in a ‘debate’ by Cardiff University Debating Society next Wednesday – no such invitation has been extended to any representative of the … Continue reading

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Racists at Cardiff UKBA – demonstrate this Friday (26th Feb)

The 2008 case of Ama Sumani, snatched from hospital in Cardiff and deported to Ghana where she subsequently died of myeloma, brought widespread attention to the barbarous practices of the UK Border Agency in Wales. It came as no surprise, … Continue reading

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Calling all anti-racists: all out for BBC Wales this Thursday, Newport this Saturday

From Cardiff Stop the War: Following reports of an attempt to stage a far right hate rally against Muslims in John Frost Square this Saturday, anti-racists in Newport have called on good people to fill the Square well before noon … Continue reading

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Support Rob Williams!

Rob Williams, Unite convenor at Linamar (formerly Visteon and before that Ford’s) car components plant in Swansea was sacked last Tuesday 28 April, but subsequently reinstated (ableit on the basis of suspension) after some 100 union members walked off the … Continue reading

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Death at G20 protest

The following eyewitness account is taken from the ‘Infantile and Disorderly’ blog: Today’s demonstration outside the bank of England was directionless and leaderless, but otherwise vibrant. It was also marred by severe police brutality, certainly the worst protesters have experienced … Continue reading

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