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Liverpool TUC’s statement on day of Thatcher’s funeral

Margaret Thatcher died on 8 April 2013 and the vast majority of ordinary people greeted her passing with undisguised joy. The right wing media have tried to portray this response as the disrespectful behaviour of a minority. It isn’t. It … Continue reading

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Egypt solidarity demo this Friday

Cardiff Stop the War Coalition has called a demo in solidarity with the Egyptian uprising this Friday, 4 Feb, from 5.30pm at Nye Bevan statue, Queen St: bring placards, flags, banners, drums etc. Frontline info on Egypt can be found … Continue reading

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St Athan: the farce is over

After years of hype and a huge dose of public money spent simply developing and promoting the idea, the St Athan military super-academy has finally been ditched. This will come as little surprise to those who have followed the progress … Continue reading

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On Armed Forces Day, remember two million marched against war!

Armed Forces Day was first mooted in 2008. Army bigwigs and Brown’s government were concerned with the growing unpopularity of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the problem of recruiting new servicemen and women. At that time 91 members … Continue reading

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EDL flop again in Wales

Comment from a Cardiff anti-racist: It was third time unlucky for the EDL in Wales on June 5 as they followed up a weak showing in Swansea and a total no-show in Newport with a poorly attended demo in Cardiff, … Continue reading

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Racists at Cardiff UKBA – demonstrate this Friday (26th Feb)

The 2008 case of Ama Sumani, snatched from hospital in Cardiff and deported to Ghana where she subsequently died of myeloma, brought widespread attention to the barbarous practices of the UK Border Agency in Wales. It came as no surprise, … Continue reading

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Swansea anti-fascist victory as WDL racists hugely outnumbered

Eye-witness report from a UCU activist: The Wales Council of University and College Union met in Swansea at the weekend. Following the FE sector meeting on Saturday morning most of us went to join the anti-fascist protest, called by the … Continue reading

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