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EDL flop again in Wales

Comment from a Cardiff anti-racist: It was third time unlucky for the EDL in Wales on June 5 as they followed up a weak showing in Swansea and a total no-show in Newport with a poorly attended demo in Cardiff, … Continue reading

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SWP’s open letter on left unity: how the left is responding

The SWP have issued an open letter on left unity which we print below with links to responses from different left groups. Comments welcome. Labour’s vote collapsed to a historic low in last week’s elections as the right made gains. … Continue reading

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Death at G20 protest

The following eyewitness account is taken from the ‘Infantile and Disorderly’ blog: Today’s demonstration outside the bank of England was directionless and leaderless, but otherwise vibrant. It was also marred by severe police brutality, certainly the worst protesters have experienced … Continue reading

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