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16 May Cardiff Anti-Cuts Demo Shows Fight is Far From Over

The second post-election demo called by Cardiff People’s Assembly showed the depth of anger prompted by the Tory election victory – a victory that should not disguise the wholesale rejection of austerity politics by vast swathes of urban England, Wales … Continue reading

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Students: all out November 24th!

Spread the word Use email, facebook, texts, phone calls to advertise the time AND PLACE of your protest. But it may be wise to set up an anonymous email address and facebook profile so you don’t end up getting personally … Continue reading

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On Armed Forces Day, remember two million marched against war!

Armed Forces Day was first mooted in 2008. Army bigwigs and Brown’s government were concerned with the growing unpopularity of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the problem of recruiting new servicemen and women. At that time 91 members … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: when the enemy vanishes, kill civilians

Comment from Stop the War Coalition: Nato’s current offensive in the town of Marjah is being portrayed as a low casualty mission in the “good war” to get rid of the Taliban. If you were to believe the news broadcasts, … Continue reading

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Calling all anti-racists: all out for BBC Wales this Thursday, Newport this Saturday

From Cardiff Stop the War: Following reports of an attempt to stage a far right hate rally against Muslims in John Frost Square this Saturday, anti-racists in Newport have called on good people to fill the Square well before noon … Continue reading

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SWP’s open letter on left unity: how the left is responding

The SWP have issued an open letter on left unity which we print below with links to responses from different left groups. Comments welcome. Labour’s vote collapsed to a historic low in last week’s elections as the right made gains. … Continue reading

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Strike threat pays off as Rob Williams reinstated

The threat of an all-out indefinite strike this Thursday by workers at the Linamar car plant in Swansea (formerly Visteon) has paid dividends. Linamar have reinstated sacked union convenor Rob Williams, an active socialist whose links with other threatened car … Continue reading

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