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Statement from Cardiff Anarchists on police spy “Mark Jacobs”

“Mark Jacobs”, generally known as “Marco” has been identified as a police informer. “Marco” worked with Cardiff anarchists but was also known to the socialists active around the Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum: he attended forum events and meetings organising the … Continue reading

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On Armed Forces Day, remember two million marched against war!

Armed Forces Day was first mooted in 2008. Army bigwigs and Brown’s government were concerned with the growing unpopularity of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the problem of recruiting new servicemen and women. At that time 91 members … Continue reading

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EDL flop again in Wales

Comment from a Cardiff anti-racist: It was third time unlucky for the EDL in Wales on June 5 as they followed up a weak showing in Swansea and a total no-show in Newport with a poorly attended demo in Cardiff, … Continue reading

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All out to stop EDL racists, June 5!

From Cardiff STW: On Saturday 5th June, the Welsh & English Defence Leagues – a band of racist thugs and hooligans with links to the Nazi BNP – will be attempting to stage an anti-Muslim hate protest in Cardiff. When … Continue reading

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Israeli ambassador not wanted in Cardiff 14th April!

Ron Prosor, ambassador and arch-apologist for the crimes of the Israeli state, has been invited to take part in a ‘debate’ by Cardiff University Debating Society next Wednesday – no such invitation has been extended to any representative of the … Continue reading

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Vestas speaker in Cardiff

The occupation of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight may have come to an end, but it remains an inspiration. Faced with redundancy, a group of workers with no experience of industrial action took matters into … Continue reading

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Protest against Splott incinerator Weds 15 April

From Cardiff FOE: Stop the Cardiff Incinerator On Wednesday 15 April, Cardiff councillors are planning to decide whether or not a massive incinerator can be built between Splott and Cardiff Bay. If they say yes, it will burn waste from … Continue reading

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