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Israeli ambassador not wanted in Cardiff 14th April!

Ron Prosor, ambassador and arch-apologist for the crimes of the Israeli state, has been invited to take part in a ‘debate’ by Cardiff University Debating Society next Wednesday – no such invitation has been extended to any representative of the … Continue reading

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Calling all anti-racists: all out for BBC Wales this Thursday, Newport this Saturday

From Cardiff Stop the War: Following reports of an attempt to stage a far right hate rally against Muslims in John Frost Square this Saturday, anti-racists in Newport have called on good people to fill the Square well before noon … Continue reading

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Vestas speaker in Cardiff

The occupation of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight may have come to an end, but it remains an inspiration. Faced with redundancy, a group of workers with no experience of industrial action took matters into … Continue reading

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Welsh jobs for Welsh workers?

Next week’s Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum on the national question couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Following the huge protests against Israel’s invasion of Gaza, nearly 1000 people listened to former inmates of Guantanamo at a Cardiff meeting this … Continue reading

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McDonnell’s manifesto – not the call to arms we need

The local elections have left Gordon Brown and the Labour government in a very weak position. Brown himself is deeply unpopular. The Tories, thanks to years of New Labour betrayal, are once again a viable electoral alternative. Here in the … Continue reading

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As demo day approaches, let’s get the St Athan arguments right!

While the campaign against the privatised military academy at St Athan has been steadily growing, it has yet to register on the radar of the mass media. That will hopefully change after the demo in Cardiff on April 26th, which … Continue reading

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Metrix run scared as Qinetiq privatisation slammed

Q: What do the following have in common: George Bush snr; George W.Bush; Donald Rumsfeld; James Baker; disgraced Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra; former Reagan defence secretary Frank Carlucci; John Major; Bill Clinton. A: They have all served on the board … Continue reading

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